Props for SRTMC

The Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center recently shared the following feedback recently captured on their website (

“I’ve seen a number of traffic webcam sites on the internet, but if I
could vote for the BEST – I’d vote for yours. It is by far the easiest
to use, best layout, etc. You did a great job on this.”

– Jim A.

We love this kinda stuff! When an end user acknowledges the quality and usability of our work, it carries a much greater compliment than any industry award could offer. This is why we do what we do.

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Thin is in.

Jeffery Zeldman wrote an interesting article that reminds me why PLY has focused on staying small, focused and nimble.

Bad times are hard on overweight companies and over-leveraged start-ups, but can be kind to freelancers and small agencies. Clients who once had money to burn and big agencies to help them burn it suddenly consider the quality of work more important than the marquee value of the business card. Fancy offices and ten people at every meeting are out. A close relationship with an individual or small team that listens is in.

Read the full article here.

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