Constraints and Creativity


One would assume that having unlimited options and budget would generate the best results, but it can have the opposite effect.

Try these two exercises…

#1. Draw three designs

#2. Draw three designs for a water bottle. It must fit into a cupholder, use 3 colors or less, easy to operate with one hand, hold 12 ounces of liquid, and have space for a company’s logo.

Which was harder?

Constraints can help generate ideas, because we have to creatively think around them.

These constrains come in many forms such as business requirements, budgets or technology, but we can also look toward users for help. When users and their goals are understood, through research and user testing, one finds specific problems. Understanding those problems leads to the best solutions.

As Atomicdust puts it “Design works better when there’s a problem to solve or a message to be communicated. Design should be deep in context, and full of empathy for its audience.”



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