Cookies (real ones) and Code


After we’d poured our coffees and gathered for the morning meeting, a box of warm cookies was delivered, from one team member to another, with the following note, “Sorry for the pile of work I dropped on you. You have to share the cookies though.”

After a few minutes of enjoying our surprise treats, and commenting on how awesome our team is, our the conversation shifted to what exactly makes some cookies better than others. Well, Tessa Arias had already done the work for us in a logical and methodical process that we can all appreciate.

Much like we customize websites using the Ply CMS for our clients, Ms. Arias applied the same approach to customizing the classic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. In this case, small adjustments to the process had a profound effect and made the difference between whether someone just eats the cookie because it’s there, or whether they seek out and truly enjoy the cookie.

The same process can be applied for folks who manage the content on their organization’s website. A clunky and off-the-rack CMS is functional, and will allow site updates within certain parameters, but it’s rarely a great experience.

A standard cookie recipe, like an off-the-shelf CMS, suits the purpose, makes life a little better, (better than having to code each site update from scratch) but if there are problems, it’s often difficult to put them into actionable words:
“This cookie just doesn’t taste…right. I wish it were a bit…uh, fluffier.”
“I was able to make the updates, but the simple fixes seemed very…difficult. I wish it were a bit more…um, straightforward.”

Neither complaint will gain you much sympathy, but it does make the experience less enjoyable and, in the case of code, less productive. Just like each cookie ingredient can be altered to appeal to different tastes, we tailor our CMS according to the usage and needs of each client. Instead of increasing the flour and subbing brown sugar for granulated, we can allow our clients to easily update their copy and images, and/or allow multiple admins to make updates with a customized CMS. Just like Ms. Arias figured out how to adjust the eggs, flour and sugar to create someones idea of the “perfect” cookie, we adjust the website’s assets, tools and reporting features to build a site that is easy to use and keep up-to-date.

If you think your current site can be better, but aren’t quite sure how, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to review it with you. And who knows, maybe you’ll get a Treatbox delivered to your door (but you have to share them with your team).

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