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Asking your client for feedback on a completed project can evoke a wide range of responses. We hoped for a positive assessment – we got a giant bear hug. The Director for the Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC), Steve Warner, was reacting to the performance of the brand new online wine grape reporting tool that we released in time for the largest-ever 2013 harvest. Until now, anyone who grew, sold, or crushed grapes in the state of Washington had to sit down every year and fill out and mail an extensive paper form to the WSWC.

The numbers contained in these reports give the WSWC a comprehensive overview of the harvest and the revenue helps generate the largest portion of the funding in their mission to promote Washington wine to the rest of the world. But, the sheer volume of paper coming from over 1000 wineries and vineyards made the labor-intensive task a dreaded yearly tradition. It was also a necessary evil for the wineries and vineyards to enter the same info, by hand, year after year.

Ply collaborated with the WSWC to move the entire process to the web and include it with the other industry-focused content already on their website, Now, wine grape growers, and wine producers producers can easily enter and save their information in one place. The intuitive process leads the user through each portion of the report and offers step-by-step instructions, drop-down menus listing every wine grape variety in the state, and online assistance to speed the entire reporting cycle. In addition, the WSWC and Ply are able to collect immediate user feedback for improvements and updates.

Moving the process into the digital realm has had an enormous impact for the WSWC, (hence the hug). The staff no longer needs to sort through reams of paper and re-contact members regarding incomplete assessments. The information is already entered and sorted on their system, so reporting and invoicing takes a fraction of the time, without many of the errors that are inherent in a manual system. Additionally, the data can now be easily queried by other agencies for local and national reporting. With so many of the headaches now out of the picture, everyone in Washington’s wine industry can spend a little more time enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Tarryn Lambert is an Designer at Ply Interactive. You can find her on twitter or Google+.

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