Interactive Map for our Wine Industry


Wine lovers can be insatiable in their search for every last detail of their favorite wineries and varietals. Professionals who work in the winery trade and media can be even more exacting in their search for information, seeking out every nuance in soil temperatures, rainfall and a slew of other factors that make Washington wines unique. To satisfy this need, the Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC) wanted a one-stop resource where all of this data could be easily accessed. We were happy to help design and build a visual display of this information by creating an interactive map of our state’s viticulture areas.

The recently launched interactive map shows data from 146 regional weather stations. Wine professionals can quickly find and compare information spanning entire AVA regions or zoom into the smallest sliver of a vineyard. The online tools allow users to not only monitor the conditions, but also compare the details that make certain growing regions different from others. This added value strengthens the relationship with their customers, and the press, in this highly personal industry.

The weather data is accessed through Washington State University’s AgWeatherNet, which collects data from their network of weather stations around the state. Because Ply was able to collaborate with WSU and WSWC, wine professionals everywhere can have quick and easy access to the minutia of our state’s unique growing regions.


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