Where’s Patrick?


I thought it would be fun to put on an office wide contest, so I printed out our fierce leader’s face and hide them throughout the office. The contest is simple, the person who finds the most faces, wins a prize.

What will the prize be? Well, it’s a surprise prize, mostly because I haven’t thought of something yet, but there’s definitely a prize.





November 21, 2013:

Dave’s in the lead with 5, and Aaron is in second place with 3. Patrick and Dennis have 2. Jessica has 1.

We’ll update you on the contest, the winner and prize at the end.


December 6, 2013:

Dave’s still in the lead with 7. Patrick is in second place with 4. Aaron still has 3. Dennis has 2.


December 18, 2013:

We have a winner! We’ll post a video of a Dave opening his prize next week.


December 23, 2013:

Here’s Dave opening his prize!


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  1. I felt honored to have won this prize. Thank you, to all my competitors and the awards committee.

    Comment by Dave on January 16, 2014 at 10:58 am

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