3 Tips for iOS 7


Since I started using iOS 7, I’ve found these three tricks to be very helpful. All three tips have to do with gestures which is very prominent in the new iOS. You can find lots more tips and tricks online from sources such as Mashable, or Mac Life, but I’ve decided to give you my three favorites that I use all the time.


1. Swipe Away Safari Windows
Did you know you could use a gesture to close out of a Safari window? Simply swipe your finger left across the window and it’ll disappear. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to like flicking windows that I’m done with out of the way instead of hitting the “x.” I don’t know if it’s faster, but I do know you don’t have to be as accurate, making it more efficient. Be your own judge on this one, but at least you know that this feature is there.


2. Quickly Close Out of Multiple Apps
How often does your battery die? Is it right when you are about to send that important email, or you’re in the grocery store looking up ingredients for a recipe you’d like to make? Ok, maybe that last example is a bit specific since it happened to me yesterday, but you get the point. My friends always tell me I would get more out of my battery if I just made a habit of quitting the apps I wasn’t using. I still need to get into the routine of reminding myself of this, but at least iOS 7 has made this task faster. To close out of apps, double click the home button, and use one, two, or three fingers to drag the windows up to quit them. Think about how much time you’ll save when closing all of your opened apps. Go ahead and relax with that extra 30 seconds you just gained.

3. Find Time Stamps for Text Messages
We’ve waited, we’ve begged, and now it’s finally here! All messages now have a time stamp, not just the last one that was sent or received. This feature is my absolute favorite. I can efficiently decide if I should contact someone again in case they forgot about me, or if I should wait to text so that my over excitement on a topic doesn’t bombard them. It’s also nice to go back after I responded to a text and know how longer I took to respond. When you’re in a text message, just swipe left for the time stamp and vola! You’re welcome.

Tarryn Lambert is an Designer at Ply Interactive. You can find her on twitter or Google+.

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