UX Awards 2013


One of the most inspiring designs to come out of the UX Awards this year is called Activ. It’s a device made for a person with one arm. It allows a user to interact with their phone without using their hand, therefore enabling them to multi-task.


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Penguin 2.0


Where is SEO headed?

The take away on “Early thoughts on #Penguin 2.0” by @Tim_Grice would be to continue to strive to create high quality content for optimized SEO results.


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My latest, and most important creative tool.


My architect friends swear by sketching ink. Lines from a good ink pen are simple, dense, permanent, and expressive. I get it. I did it for years in design school, but it never felt quite right to me. I’m a graphite guy. Something about graphite just feels right to me. Maybe because that’s how I learned to draw — doodling in math class instead of paying attention, which is probably why I’m a designer and not a programmer. Well, I’ve finally found the graphite pencil I’ve been looking for.


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