Now: the future


Now, here is the future for sure: Leap Motion, which produces a 3D environment that lets you operate your computer by waving your hands. No mouse, no keyboard; no need to touch the screen either. It’s 200 times more accurate than anything currently available; and it costs only $70. It’s Minority Report minus the holographic screens, and it’s not even year 2054 yet.


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Design and the structuring of information


Information Architecture may sometimes be a bit abstract for visual designers (and other people too). Maybe that’s why Information Design as a discipline has been growing so much. We’ve never had access so much access to organized information as we do now. How to digest it all? Well, information design makes it easier in a lot of cases.

But not everything can be translated into an info graph, right? A lot of the times information will still have to be delivered in verbal format, or text form. This form, the verbal one, has many ways to be on a web page: paragraphs, navigation, call-to-actions, tags, side bars, links, body text, etc. But which piece of information should be what?


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Wheels for the iPad


This is doubly (pun intended) super cool and almost scary. Double are wheels for your iPad. Costs only $1,999 and it’s sold out! Check out the video to see how it works.


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