Tetra Shed


I really, really, really, really want one of these! Only I’d need a backyard to go with it. Tetra Shed is an modular origami-inspired outdoor office shed. What a clever solution to work more integrated in nature.

Imagine a company buying a bunch of acres (instead of building a skyscraper) and distributing these as “outdoor cubes” on a field? It’d be like camping and working at the same time. They also can be built in a thousand colors plus copper, zinc, and steel finishes.


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Meditations on Experiential Design


I recently attended a great talk on mixing more the digital realm with the physical world. This is a subject that interests me much. Being both a letterpress printer and an interactive designer might have something to do with it.

This talk was given by Samuel Stubblefield, an artist interested in the intersection of architecture, digital technology and human behavior. He’s part of Studio 07, an Environmental and Experiential Design team, and a branch of NBBJ, the renowned architecture firm in Seattle. In their experiments, they solve problems using a multidisciplinary design approach (graphic, architecture, interiors, environmental, way-finding/signage, etc).


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Recent recognition for Washington Wine


The winners of The 2012 W3 Awards have been announced a couple of days ago by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. We are happy to share that the Washington State Wine Commission website we designed and built is a Silver Winner!

Receiving over 3,000 entries, The W3 Awards honors outstanding Websites, Web Marketing, Web Video, & Mobile Apps created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide.


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Is SEO important anymore?


Search engines have become savvier and the usual SEO tricks don’t work so well anymore. I guess one could see this coming. All the trickery to rank higher in internet searches seems not to be making a lot of sense anymore. Experts say that we’re back to the essence of content: how well is produced and how really relevant it is.

Let’s look at some ways to stay relevant and visible these days:


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Why design mobile first


Cutting straight to the chase:



There about 1.3million Android and iOS devices alone are being sold every day. Not only there are lot of these devices around, but also people are using them to access the net more than their computers. One quarter to one third of all online transactions are being done in a mobile device. Mobile rose up to not being an afterthought anymore.


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