Tuning in more ears and your content strategy


Content Strategy is getting a lot of attention lately. We will be talking about it in small doses here in the next weeks and highlighting things we find important in this area.

While this is not our focus at Ply, we recognize how crucial content strategy is and we believe that a solid content strategy will help Design down the line, when it comes time for it.

To get started I just want to leave a brief note on one of the most important aspects of it: communication. Focusing on communicating as a person/human (not as a company or a group) is a good place to start. That means forgetting about jargon; that will allow for others to engage more easily with your site. Another way to get more ears listening is to express thoughts and stories in a more natural, personal manner. People like to hear about examples too, the good and the bad, so they can relate as they feel there’s another human on the other side of the screen.

What’s working for you in content strategy? What element of it do you find most important? Share below, we’d love to chat more about it.┬áSee you soon!

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