A map of the creative field in America


The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) is a collection of interactive info graphs done by Indiana University to track the lives and careers of arts graduates in america. It was interesting to see who’s doing what, where, how, and for how much (or how less).

Below are my own highlights.


It seems like Graphic Designers exist in abundance, showing up as one of the top 3 occupations for 47% of the respondents. Overall, women are the majority on 11 out of the 13 Art Majors surveyed; the exception where Architecture and Music History/Composition, where men are majority.



On the Skills side, being Entrepreneurial was considered the least important skill by respondents ‘who were never a professional artist’ (no wonder?), followed by being Artistic and Business (no wonder again?). Among ‘currently professional artists’, the most important skills were Creativity and Listening and Revising.



The big clusters of art majors are definitely LA and NYC; then, Chicago with half of their number of creatives. Then it comes D.C and Miami (wow, Miami hum?). Then you have Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and Seattle (ahead of San Francisco). In all of these, but D.C, Design is the most popular Art Major.



Design is in high here again, showing as the second largest occupation, behind Art Education.


Cool data!



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