Sahale Snacks Facebook integrated campaign


Our client Sahale Snacks is participating on something cool. It’s called The WORK PLAY LOVE Tour. The campaign, sponsored by Subaru, celebrates the balance of work and play with a series of activity-filled events. Sahale Snacks and other active lifestyle partners such as KEEN Footwear, Yakima and Trek will make more than 50 “fresh air therapy” stops at various companies across the U.S, where workday warriors are invited to come out and play.

To support this effort, the Marketing folks at Sahale Snacks needed an online channel to be used by people who came in contact with their delicious trail mix snacks in any of the campaign’s stops. The idea is that fans c0uld use this social channel to share their thoughts about their favorite Sahale products — and also be rewarded for doing it.

Ply responded with a social media integration using the (then) recently deployed Facebook Comment widget. Fans would enter their input right there in the Sahale desktop and/or mobile sites. A QR code — printed on cups given away in the campaign’s events — would route users to the campaign landing pages.

In addition, visitors would get a $1 OFF coupon in Sahale Snacks products after they commented.

Once fans entered their comment, the Facebook widget would slide down to show a form and a Call-to-action to their Videos section inside the site. The form would get fans the promised coupon. The videos promote another campaign, The Explore Taste Adventures, that Sahale is working on currently. But that’s another post soon.


Check out to find out their next stop. Maybe they are coming to your tow and company soon?


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