Photoshop Etiquette


Tim, our Front-end Dev hinted me on this yesterday: a Photoshop Etiquette portal. Wow, really?

This is all about good organization, so Photoshop files can be easily  understood when shared between designers and developers.

I so appreciate this portal. I’m a hardcore obsessive organizer, if time permits (or not). Of course, I have to watch it so I don’t spend all day opening and closing folders just so the layer palette looks “neat”. (what is that, ADD?) But this manifesto-site is cool and a bit of organization can be helpful. “Designos” all over could really follow it??

Here’s one I’d add: “Collapse your layers’ effects”. Visual clutter, man… (see I told you, ADD or whatever that is)

The portal has easy and short advice and they illustrate each suggestion with a screen shot of what to do/not to do. The one below for example is about naming all your layers, so people can easily find stuff.

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