Magnetic walls!


Patrick bought these magnet boards, and now we’re having a magnetic phase in the office. We put them up ourselves a couple of weeks ago in our Friday meeting. You know, work you do with your hands? Sharing the drill, handling the screws. Eh. Fun. I heard somebody say it was the most workout they got in 2 weeks.

Tim likes to do magnet art. He did the Mel Gibson one. But, you can pass by sometimes and see Dennis or Aaron building grids or playing magnet dart board, which is: throwing the handy pawn magnets on the board and watch them stick. I like to build origami magnets. Oh-so-cute to look and see those creatures sticking up, looking almost alive.

Why are magnet boards so fun? I guess the flexibility of changing and placing stuff on a whim? It’s really like magic, these attraction fields. We will keep on magnetizing. More soon.

Below, the main magnet board in our living room. To the right is this huge calendar we’re using to keep track of deadlines.

Mel interpretation by Tim Zhu.

My magnet board  behind my desk and it has a simple hand-drawn calendar I did so I could use with post its, and move things around easily.


I have some of my charcoal drawings there, but can’t wait to use the space to hang projects drawings and ideas.

A butterfly origami magnet.

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