CreativeMornings at Olson Kundig Architects


Today the CreativeMornings was at Olson Kundig Architects. I couldn’t wait to be there and feel the old architect vibes from past times.

Mainly they showed and talked about their new experimental space: [storefront]. It is what it means. They took an empty storefront space in their building and transformed into a space for everything, anything. Inebriating to say the least. Repurposing empty spaces with whatever ideas come to mind is fun.

For example, in one of the projects they transformed the space into a Record Store with vinyl-only collection, donated by collector Bernie Hall (from the Central District area, who I think is on the below picture, to the left) and Stephen Ward (I think another collector from the Capitol Hill area). Right there they fulfilled one of their intentions: to mix different parts of the town that might not have a chance to get mixed otherwise.

In another instance, they grew gourmet mushrooms inside the place! They build a Mushroom Farm inside the store front that had humidity control and all. Then, they ate the mushrooms in tasteful harvest dinners.

They said that starting [storefront] even compelled them to do things they hadn’t ventured yet as an architecture firm, like starting a page on Facebook, which seemed as an appropriate medium to share and talk about this new space’s projects.

The Sam Blog covers their story with more details. Check it out.

Photos: Olson Kundig Architects.

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