Mickey Mouse ears for the iPad


Check this out.

I really like the design of it, the name (Simplifiear), the colors (4), the video they made, AND the package.

Now, I’m curious to see it live, and if it really makes a difference. It sells for $20, and it’s a kickstarter project by Nonlinear.


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Magnetic walls!


Patrick bought these magnet boards, and now we’re having a magnetic phase in the office. We put them up ourselves a couple of weeks ago in our Friday meeting. You know, work you do with your hands? Sharing the drill, handling the screws. Eh. Fun. I heard somebody say it was the most workout they got in 2 weeks.


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Access over ownership


Has anyone tried or heard of MESH? On their site they mention: “A WORLD COMMUNITY AND ECONOMY WHERE ACCESS TRUMPS OWNERSHIP.”

Apparently anyone can add their own company to their list. There’s a ton of alternative ways of doing things. Is this the “open source” of the business world?

Here a couple of finds: Task Rabbit (get stuff done), Frents (see what friends will share for free), Airbnb (rent your extra space easy). Also found 37 Signals there.


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CreativeMornings at Olson Kundig Architects


Today the CreativeMornings was at Olson Kundig Architects. I couldn’t wait to be there and feel the old architect vibes from past times.

Mainly they showed and talked about their new experimental space: [storefront]. It is what it means. They took an empty storefront space in their building and transformed into a space for everything, anything. Inebriating to say the least. Repurposing empty spaces with whatever ideas come to mind is fun.


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On May 3, the artist group Rebar will be lighting up the newly refurbished Jackson Plaza to unveil their temporary installation Seattlight, at King Street Station’s.


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Photoshop Etiquette


Tim, our Front-end Dev hinted me on this yesterday: a Photoshop Etiquette portal. Wow, really?

This is all about good organization, so Photoshop files can be easily  understood when shared between designers and developers.


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Street maps as infographics


Here’s a collection of fun “maps” by Christoph Newmann:

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What’s going on around town

Idle? Here’s stuff I heard is going on in our world:

The Standard 5 Special Effects
April 3 (today!)

ADDY Awards
April 12

Bar Camp 2012
April 28

Seattle Code Camp 2012
June 16


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Street foodie-goodie in the neighborhood


Not sure if I commented on these before, but here it goes.

Two trucks that are in our neighborhood once a week:

Street Treats (sweets, sweets, sweets)
12-12:30:  Roundabout North of Big Fish Games & F5 on Elliott
12:45-1:15 pm – Queen Anne – 300 3rd Ave W (3rd and harrison)
(my favorite is the coconut brownie!)

Contigo (Modern Mexican)
Tuesday, 11am-2pm, PI building on Elliott, behind RAIN fitness
(haven’t tried yet, but will soon)

Since Lower Queen Anne can be a bit  challenging on the foodie side, I hope these help!

Photo: Street Treats cranberry and orange scones. Yum!



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Sahale Snacks Facebook integrated campaign


Our client Sahale Snacks is participating on something cool. It’s called The WORK PLAY LOVE Tour. The campaign, sponsored by Subaru, celebrates the balance of work and play with a series of activity-filled events. Sahale Snacks and other active lifestyle partners such as KEEN Footwear, Yakima and Trek will make more than 50 “fresh air therapy” stops at various companies across the U.S, where workday warriors are invited to come out and play.


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