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Be sure to hit Sisko Gallery (here in our Belltown/lower Queen Anne neighborhood) before Sunday, March 4th and view Andrew Myers wonderful monoprints. I saw the exhibit earlier this week and what a treat!

The curious (actually fantastic) fact here is that he makes his subjects using a brayer only. The richness of tones he achieves is¬†unparalleled, specially if you consider that these are not¬†relief printed (from a carved block with a raised surface area). But rather, it’s just the ink on the glass (no raised surface, it’s all flat). The artist’s mastery really comes into play.

However, I think Andrew’s pieces are monotypes, not monoprints. Monotypes are the most painterly of all printmaking techniques, and they achieve tones and textures that are quite unique, and mostly not possible with any other medium.

These are totally worth seeing live, the details seen up close are amazing. Check it out!

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