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Design has become ubiquitous in our lives. But everybody seems to have a different take on what’s design. Or sometimes design collaborates closely with another discipline and disappears into the process — then, the end product is not perceived as “designed”, despite the fact that works well. Sometimes more decorated (or colorful, or fancy) things are perceived as design. Or certain materials tend to convey the idea of design.

I understand Design as really a process: of looking at something from all angles, thinking it, playing with its behavior, its action in the world, in the hands of other, in the eyes of others. To me, Design is to think ahead of all the things that could happen, and use the past to gather knowledge of how similar things worked — then, apply this knowledge to the thing being created.

2 units of LINX can be snapped together into a 3D connector that can create really complex 3D structures.

These all came to mind when I stumbled onto LINX, a drinking straw building system. It’s simple; it’s been reduced to its minimum (easy packaging, easy shipping); it will be sustainable once is built. In addition to have been well-designed (well thought-out, well considered), users can also use it to design and create more things. This idea, of creating a versatile unit that allow others to use their imagination to build upon, is fascinating to me.

But LINX wasn’t created out of a whim; rather, it came to be out of a need (big keyword in the design process). The artist who created was originally looking for a system to build immaterial structures; in another words, his own art.

LINX is still on KickStater phase. It was conceived by Patrick Martinez, a NYC-based French artist. Back it up!

UDPATE /  April 3rd 2012:
LINX got funded on March 4th. Their new site: http://www.linxtoy.com/

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