Another cool app: Gimmebar

This app, Gimmebar, collects assets right out of the internet. This is not a bookmark tool. It literally lets you drag images and videos from any page into your own stash, located as a bar at the bottom of the page.

A button can be added up at the browser toolbar that will bring up the “gimmebar” whenever it is needed. Besides images and video, you can also collect quotes, recipes, website snapshots, and twitter status. It all goes inside your private or public library in the cloud. The data organizes visually so it’s easy to see what’s what.

Comparing to, Gimmebar seems to be a less robust tool (which nowadays tends to be a preference and a quality); but it’s also a more intimate tool, in a sense that is a collection of your own “stuff”, maybe without publishing intention but with that capability included if desired.

I think it can be very handy when used for research as a non-complicated way to gather data fast, and that will be organized in an easy way to find. Or let’s say you’re visiting our site (as you do everyday, right?), and want to collect samples of our work to show to a co-worker or manager later in a nice organized manner. Well, Gimmebar!

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