Is printing coming back?

I talked the other day about an agency (Berg) that played with rethinking the common receipt. Well, it seems that spurred another experiment. They are working now on Little Printer, a cubic-shaped device that might fit in the palm of your hand, and prints “receipt-like” size notes, or as Co. Design puts it, “a personalized mini-newspaper”.

The device is connected to the cloud and so far can deliver curated content from The Guardian, Facebook, Four Square, as well as content that Berg itself creates. It’s awfully cute. And the notes it regurgitates look sweet too. Co. Design wrote a pretty cool piece about it — read the comments too, as they run the gamut.

Regardless, the experiment is refreshing and curious to me. Yes, it’s said printing is dying (is it? not to me and my two letterpresses), but there is always the argument that people miss/need the tactile experience. Smart phones are already quite tactile in a way, but one is still interacting with a screen. I think there’s nothing like readily available notes for certain things, like a non-habitual bus number, or the address of a destination if you’re walking, or anything else that you want to read in peace without being too interactive or interrupted by, say, social media updates.

The point is (and I wonder if that’s where Berg is betting their money): maybe sometimes we need a space that’s less interactive but still informative. And I wonder if that’s the space where Little Printer could fit.

Little Printer is scheduled to come out in the Spring of 2012.

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