Rethinking the old receipt

A digital agency in London is experimenting with rethinking… huh… the receipt! The project grabbed my attention: I’m a big fan of limitations in the creative process, and I’m also interested in exploring mundane objects.┬áThe project was initiated by Icon Magazine, who’s been asking designers to rethink everyday life products.

As I read about the endeavor, I asked myself: how did we not do this before? From a marketing point of view, it’s quite interesting. Anytime a company interacts with its clients there is a chance to enrich the connection from various angles: raise brand awareness, help, inform, and plant the seed for future sales.

The redesigned receipt looks actually quite interesting. I mean, we’re talking about an every day receipt. We all know how uninteresting they are. Beyond the trivia, calories info, and a tip when your favorite item usually sells out (brilliant useful data!), there is an entertainment tip and a chance to customize your receipt if you’re a regular. This last piece of data is also very good because it allows the customer to interact back and perhaps make the receipt even more useful for them. I have to say, I collect most of my receipts (mainly for return safety) and I was delighted when I saw this. What a good use of time, space, and paper. And since many of these are given away every day anyhow, what a better way to capitalize on it? It’s a like an analog Call-to-Action.

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