Responsive architecture

blog_image_responsive-wall1.jpgAs I was expanding my knowledge of Responsive Design for the web, I came across some experiments architects are doing with ‘responsive architecture’  an emergent discipline. One of them is FinRay, a prototype for an emotive wall. Not only beautiful, but amazing in how it works: through movement, light, and sound this structure interacts with crowds as they approach it.

LED lights located on the surface of the ‘wall’ become brighter as one gets closer, and dim down as one walks away. As well, the waves in which the wall moves synchronize with the motion produced by human presence. To reinforce that, synchronicity in behavior between wall and humans are represented by calmer sounds, while asynchronous behaviors produce more intense sound.

That need to advance interactivity between users and interfaces to more sophisticated levels  and I mean sophisticated as more intelligent designs, designs that anticipate the need of the user and then adjust  is also being felt in the realm of web design. With so many different (mobile) devices available now, layout design is about to step up to the next level. It’s very exciting. We will be talking soon more about Responsive Web Design as it develops now through its early stages. Stay tuned.

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