Superfeet new product addition

blog_image_superfeet.jpgPly added a new exciting product to the Superfeet family: Superfeet FLP Sandals. This was a challenging departure for Superfeet, known for their wide—and colorful—collection of insoles. Fortunately, customers’ reception of the brand-new product was fantastic.

To appropriately show all Superfeet Sandals’ fine details, and quite charming features, Ply built the user experience based on a different approach of that used for insoles: an image slide show. The user can peruse four styles of Sandals—two for each gender—through a handy photo reel. The large photography used helps with displaying all the details and angles that users don’t want to miss. A tab that allows access to Superfeet promotional Sandal’s video is also available by the slide show reel, and of course it’s all powered by the Ply CMS.

Check out the new Superfeet FLP Sandals. It’s that time of the year, anyhow.

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