Wish Atlanta: an upscale e-commerce site

blog_image_wish.jpgWish brought a unique experience to the footwear market: it sells, in an elegant manner, highly sought-after, limited edition footwear brands, alongside unique, handpicked fashion pieces from international designers. Their clientele is a combination of streetwear and high fashion, rawness and brand conscious. After a dramatic redesign of their only space in Atlanta, Wish was anxious to break into the e-commerce world. We’re proud to have designed and built their first online store, complete with inventory management and blog.

To reflect their ‘brick and mortar’ boutique experience and to match Wish’s loyal audience lifestyle, Ply created a clean and hip e-commerce site that’s ease to function and to use. Since their product speaks for itself, clear close-up photography was the way to go in maintaining the hype and energy essential to the brand.By recommending and using Able Commerce for the site’s e-commerce platform, Ply quickly delivered an easy-to-manage storefront with fully integrated inventory and shipping tools.

There was enormous expectation on all sides when the site went live. The improved search engine optimization proved to be crucial by the time the “doors opened”. Site purchases rushed in even faster than anticipated, and our client was ‘virtually’ smiling with the results.The new site we put together to Wish Atlanta now extends the Wish brand beyond Little Five Points Atlanta, as it unfolds its hipness to thousands of new devoted fashionistas around the globe.

If you can’t make it to Atlanta and visit their stunning store, then, take a trip to this unique sub-culture online.www.wishatl.com

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