Google Makes Waves

googwave.jpgEarly last week Wave was announced at Google I/O. It’s Google’s new communication and collaboration tool, due out sometime towards the end of this year. Of course it’s a web app. If anyone’s questioning when when the desktop will meet the web, well, it’s here. Expectedly, it has some really advanced UI functionality. It’s built on HTML 5, has real-time IM, and true desktop integration where you can drag files from iPhoto and drop them into a Wave. To top it off, it’s open source.

There are a couple question marks for me though. One, it looks a lot like Outlook in it’s general appearance. I’ll admit, I’ve never used Outlook, so I can’t say from experience if the interface works or not. But I’m surprised Google didn’t take the opportunity to move away from the Outlook paradigm. Secondly I question it’s complexity. Google has always created conceptually simple tools, and Wave is very complex. Let’s all hope this isn’t the beginning of over-designed, over-thought Google tools.I’ll be first in line to check it out when it hits the street, with fingers crossed that it’s easier than it looks.

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