Allworth reDesign

allworth.jpgAllworth Design, one of PLY’s oldest clients, call us back for a redesign of their site. We only had about a four week window and limited resources. Sometimes, the best things happen when you’re under pressure. The objective was simple — create an experience that showcased Allworth Design’s exceptional work through photography, and use a little text as possible. In addition, we knew the site needed to feel different and have a stand-out experience. All of the page views are AJAX-driven and use jquery for smooth transitions.Check it out

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Props for SRTMC

The Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center recently shared the following feedback recently captured on their website (

“I’ve seen a number of traffic webcam sites on the internet, but if I
could vote for the BEST – I’d vote for yours. It is by far the easiest
to use, best layout, etc. You did a great job on this.”

– Jim A.

We love this kinda stuff! When an end user acknowledges the quality and usability of our work, it carries a much greater compliment than any industry award could offer. This is why we do what we do.

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The Journal of Urban Typography

tjout.jpgWhat happens when your type decisions are based entirely on availability and utility? There are no rules when the intent is entirely utilitarian, then beautiful things can happen. The Journal of Urban Typography is an great collection of signage — the type of stuff we see everyday and pay no attention to. I guarantee none of the sign creators were swiss-trained designers, yet they all communicate a unique attitude and spirit.

Check it out: tjout

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